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Which Breast Enhancement Products Have Been PROVEN To Work?

Fem Shape Breast Enlargement – Will It Work For You?

fem shapeFem Shape is another herbal breast enlargement program which consists of a capsule and topical gel. It offers a 2-pronged approach to provide women better chances of attaining bigger, firmer, more beautiful breasts. Fem Shape works through a methodology that involves hormone balancing (much like other top-rated breast enhancement products in the market today). By promoting the proper balance of hormones, it lays down the ideal conditions for growth of new breast tissues.  In many cases fem shape combined with miracle bust has shown effective results as some of the vitamins in miracle bust boosts the performance of fem shape.

Fem Shape Ingredients

Fem Shape’s key ingredient is the Wild Yam Root, which contains estrogen-like compounds that can promote hormonal balance. This herb is present in just about every other bust enlargement supplement, so the fact that it is highlighted in the manufacturer’s site remains a wonder. It also contains ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Dong Quai, Passion Flower and Red Raspberry – all of which are referred to by herbalists as rich in hormone balancing compounds.


Usage and Cost

Fem Shape’s manufacturer recommends intake of four capsules in the morning and in the evening (which means 8 caps everyday) during meal time. The breast gel on the other hand has to be applied and massaged onto the breasts twice a day. They also recommend performing chest exercises which according to them, can aid in the proper circulation of blood in the chest area for faster results. The capsule and gel can be bought as a set for only $59.95 for a month-long supply. They are not sold individually, as they are meant to be used in conjunction with each other. Users can save on a few bucks when they order the 3-month and the 6-month supply, which all comes with a 30-day money back guarantee (for unopened products only).

fem shape

Does Fem Shape Work?

There are sufficient reviews online which would make it easy to believe that Fem Shape indeed works as promised. Various reviews from independent sites mention high satisfaction rates as well, reporting only mild complaints such as gastric discomfort when taken on an empty stomach.  My suggestion is taking fem shape with miracle bust will have more better impact on your breast size.

What probably makes Fem Shape a reliable brand in the breast enhancement market is that it does not make unsubstantiated claims, even on their official website. Although it promises women that they will get fuller, larger and shapelier breasts in weeks, there are no inches or cup sizes mentioned that would mislead consumers. Fem Shape does not go overboard with their claims, so even with only the smallest visible results; it is bound to indeed work.


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