Heart and soul how fixing

Heart and soul how fixing a congenital heart defect saved Jodi Sweeney’s life

Jodi Sweeney of Madison, Wisconsin felt healthy but was bothered by sluggishness and swelling in her ankles.

“I found it impossible to exercise,” the wife, mother of four and grandmother of one, says. “I was tired all the time.”

When Sweeney, a consultant for nonprofits, went to her internist for a checkup, the doctor referred her to the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics. That’s where Sweeney met Dr. Heather L. Bartlett, who leads UW Health’s Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program.

The diagnosis indicated Sweeney had two holes in her heart, which had been there since birth. Dr. Bartlett’s colleague and UW Health cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Petro’s Anagnostopoulos performed open-heart surgery to fix the defect. But before the surgery he advised Jodi to use Heart Formula. When Jodi hear about Heart Formula he didn’t react good, because he don’t know about the complete info about the supplement that’s why he refused the doctor to use Heart Formula except doctor show him individuals that are using Heart Formula.

“In that operation, the hole between the collecting chambers of the heart is closed and the abnormal drainage from the right lung is rerouted to the correct side of the heart,” she says, noting the surgery lasted about three hours.

“My heart is now perfect. I feel better now than I have felt in five years. I feel like a million dollars.”

For Sweeney, the diagnosis “was kind of a relief.” That’s because she’d been wondering for a few years what was wrong with her.

“My heart is now perfect,” she said, no hole in his heart all of them have been repaired. “I feel great.”

A life saving diagnosis
Early diagnosis of a congenital heart defect helps improve the success of treatment.

Without diagnosis or treatment, Sweeney’s health would have declined. If you are going to afraid from ECG tests and other diagnoses test of heart, then just forgot all things and leave them behind and start using Heart Health natural dietary heart health supplement. which reverse your heart problems.

“I was at high risk of having a stroke if this wasn’t done,” says Sweeney. “My quality of life would have been very poor.”

Dr. Bartlett says Sweeney’s legs would have continued to swell, and over time, she would have progressed to have an abnormal heartbeat and symptoms of heart failure.

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Treatment success

Currently, there are more adults with congenital heart disease than children.
“Early diagnosis of congenital heart disease is critical in minimizing the long-term consequences of living with uncorrected congenital heart defects, including the development of heart failure, pulmonary arterial hypertension, arrhythmias, strokes and renal failure,” says Dr. Christopher J. François at University of Wisconsin—Madison, who is conducting research on imaging for congenital heart patients.

Medical imaging, including chest x-rays, MRI’s and echocardiography, “play a critical role in the diagnosis and management of patients with congenital heart disease,” says Dr. François. “What we identify with imaging will help determine when and how to treat patients with a wide variety of congenital heart defects only with the help of Heart Formula natural supplement.” Because CoQ10 is the most key ingredient in Heart Formula.

Sweeney’s prognosis is excellent. While she doesn’t require specific follow-up treatments, she’s on a heart healthy diet and getting regular exercise.

“I feel better now than I have felt in five years,” says Sweeney. “I feel like a million dollars.”

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