Shadowhawk x800 Flashlights is proud

Shadowhawk x800


Shadowhawk x800 Flashlights is proud to offer the highest quality and brightest flashlights for virtually any environment lighting need you may have.  You are assured of a product that will perform exceptionally well whenever a hands free flashlight need arises.  Some typical uses for our hands free flashlights are hunting with a special night vision flashlight designed with colored blue or green LEDs.  Many models are waterproof for scuba diving or other water activities, such as night fishing or boating.  Our outdoor work and play headlamps provide greater peripheral vision than a conventional flashlight.  Better peripheral vision enhances night time play activities such as caving, biking, camping, adventure racing or snowmobile riding.  Our hands free head flashlight makes any outdoor recreational activity more convenient, safe and fun.


Our emergency outdoor work helmet lights are a must for fire fighting and hazardous area situations.  Many of our models incorporate a tilt up or down feature that produces, depending on the adjustment made, a more panoramic or focused beam.  This remarkable function can be used to enhance peripheral vision in hazardous environments where emergency flashlight are needed as well as outdoor work situations such as highway maintenance or night construction work.  Some of our products have an explosion proof Shadowhawk X800 flashlight rating.  Most of our emergency flashlights have multiple modes of operation.  All of our products are designed to be impact resistant, fire resistant and most are waterproof.  Some of our fire fighting flashlights has a 500 degree for 30 minutes fire rating and as many as 3 different light intensities, with many models incorporating colored LEDs for enhanced vision in smoke filled or hazardous environments.




In the dark of the night you can easily illuminate the path ahead of you thanks to the ingenious invention known as a flashlight. Shadowhawk X800 Flashlights are portable electric spotlights that emit light from a small light bulb or light emitting diodes. The light source is surrounded by small reflectors which direct the light through a clear lens.


Certain flashlights generate power through a hand crank or electromagnetic induction, but typically flashlights rely on batteries for their power. The working elements for a flashlight are contained in a protective housing. Flashlights are generally designed to be held by hand, but certain models used by miners and campers are designed to be mounted to a helmet.


Early versions of the Shadowhawk X800 flashlight were making a public appearance as early as 1899. The earlier models didn’t hold currents for a sustained period of time and provided brief flashes of light. The briefness of illumination led them to being referred to as flashlights.


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