What is Your Sleep Disorder?

What is Your Sleep Disorder?

Like with many things in life, identifying or recognizing that you have a problem is the first step in fixing what is wrong. This is also true of sleep impairments. Numerous people refuse to treat sleep disorder problems, shrugging them off as nothing serious. We often tell ourselves simply “get more sleep” and “go to bed earlier” which are both often easier said than done.

The mounting problem is a lack of sleep and to help overcome it you’ll need to make a concentrated effort to fix this problem and also explained you about some tips for better sleep that i also tried before and Somnapure is one of them. Below is a short list of well known sleep disorders to help identify yours.

Insomnia: the most common sleep disorder in which a person tries but cannot fall asleep or may fall asleep but cannot stay asleep. The net result is that you’ll wake up still feeling very tired. This in turn can lead to daytime fatigue, irritability and drowsiness.

Sleep Apnea: the common type of sleep apnea is called obstructive sleep apnea or OSA. This occurs when sufficient air is not able to get through your mouth/nose and into your lungs. And because of this, your breathing can get dangerously shallow and in some cases, stop completely. This tells the body to re-trigger the breathing process, which results in a snort, cough or snore. You will resume sleeping, however as the sleep has been interrupted, and this can happen a number of times, you won’t get a good nights Sleep which results in fatigue during the next day.

Sleepless Leg Syndrome (RLS): Sleepless legs syndrome is exactly what the name implies, you literally are unable to keep your legs at Sleep. There are a number of reasons for this including a burning, tangling, crawling or numbing sensation which makes you feel as if you need to move your legs and by moving them the sensation goes away temporarily but once again the net result is Sleepless sleep.

Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD): Periodic limb movement disorder is similar to Sleepless leg syndrome and if you have PLMD then you’re often moving in your sleep, however unlike RLS, the movement is involuntary, and your limbs move periodically in jerks and twitches. This movement is normally in the legs, but for some it’s the arms that are affected. These movements, which you may well be unaware, will lead to Sleepless sleep. Drowsiness, moodiness and fatigue that you feel upon waking up is apparent in the sleep deprivation that may lead to a diagnosis of PLMD.

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS): delayed sleep phase syndrome will make it seem as if you’re in a circadian rhythm. This is an internal 24 hour cycle, which is off by about half a day, and resulting in a lack of sleep at night, but your body wanting to sleep during the day. As you can imagine this can seriously interfere with a person’s lifestyle, from work to quality time spent with one’s family.

Narcolepsy: narcolepsy is the most dangerous sleep disorder of all the sleep disorders known to mankind. It is excessive sleepiness during the day, as well as periods when the body’s muscles are weakened into a state of cataplexy. A person with narcolepsy is at risk when doing every day tasks such as cooking or driving the car. A narcoleptic attack can happen at any time and without warning, making it very dangerous indeed.

And finally
In addition to the above there are also other things that keep people awake at night such as snoring, night terrors, seasonal effective disorder (SAD) , sleep walking, and rarely people who do things in their sleep without knowing they are sleeping. Each of these can lead to sleep deprivation and all will no doubt have a physical, emotional or mental impact on your life.

If you currently suffer from a sleep disorder then it is paramount that you identify and address it quickly. There are numerous remedies to try and in the worst case situations you may have to seek the advice of a medical practitioner..

Some natural solutions

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